Donate To Christ's Ministry through Kern

Click here to go to our secure online donations page. Make donations by bank draft or credit/debit card safely and securely. Our donations service is provided by Vanco Services and is recommended by the Holston Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Like anything new, you might have some reservations about this. If you do, please do not use this service! It is intended for those who are accustomed to the e-commerce environment, and there is no danger that regular offerings, made during a worship service, will be diminished or replaced by online giving. Offerings are made as a part of our worship of God in which we return thanks for the Spirit made manifest in the prayers, scripture readings, preaching, and music that makes up our worship. The offering is an indispensable part of worship for theological reasons.

So why should you consider making your donations online? Consider these uses:

  • Give online when your children's activities prevent you from attending worship.
  • Give online when illness prevents you from attending worship.
  • Set up an automatic, regular offering so your tithe stays on track.
  • Give online to special initiatives and projects.
  • Make one-time gifts easily and conveniently when the Spirit moves you!

If you wish to complete a 2019 Annual Giving Commitment Form on-line, please follow this link 2019 Annual Giving Commitment Form.

Thank you for your faithful stewardship of the ministries of Kern Church. If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Mike Cox at your convenience.