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451 E. Tennessee Ave.
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Office Hours: The Church Office is open 9am - 4 pm, Monday - Thursday. You may call the church office at 865-483-5273.
Phone: (865) 483-5273 Fax: (865) 483-0192
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We are created to worship and serve the Creator.
The Bible is the authoritative word of God for the people of God.
Salvation comes from a relationship with the resurrected Jesus Christ.
Disciples of Christ are on a spiritual journey of faith and works.
Our church family uses its gifts to care for each other and reach out in ministry to the world.

Our Mission

Kern’s mission is to create a culture, based on Core Beliefs, where all members can find guidance in their spiritual journey and support as they engage in ministries using their spiritual gifts.

Our Vision

Kern’s vision is to be a community of faith where all members are engaged in ministry, seeking to fulfill God’s direction for their lives.

To those who are confused and need counsel
To all who are strong and want to serve
To those who feel thwarted and need courage
To all who are lonely and want companionship
To all who are sinful and need a Savior
This Church opens wide its doors
And in the name of Christ our Lord says: WELCOME!!!!


Worship: We currently have a virtual worship service at 10 am on Sunday mornings. This service is broadcast on our Facebook page and YouTube. All are welcome and invited to participate.
Offering: As the Spirit leads, guests are welcome to give.
Desire a call from the Pastor: Email donnah@kernumc.org or call the church office at 865-483-5273
Questions: Call the church office 865-483-5273