The Kern Youth Group is now called Kern Impact

Kern Impact

Grades 5 - 12.
What are we doing in youth? Check it out...

Here is a basic list of youth activity planned for 2018 and the beginning of 2019.
♡SEPT 30-10:00 Sunday school

♡OCT 1-12- Fall Break (please see individual dates for activities still happening during the break)

♡OCT 3- NO Youth because of Fall Break (other activities offered during the break)

♡OCT 5-7 Fall Mission Trip (tentative plans to Glean Apples in Va) 15 attending meet at church at 11:00am and plan to return Sunday 5:00pm(ish)

♡OCT 10- NO Youth because of Fall Break (other activities offered during the break)

♡OCT 13- Tennessee Valley District Youth event (Band- Shine Effect) at Kern UMC with drinks and snacks provided; please bring love offering 6:00-8:00pm

♡OCT 14-10:00 Sunday school

♡OCT 17- 5:30 Meal/ Impact Youth 6:30

♡OCT 21-10:00 Sunday school

♡OCT 24- MEAL 5:30/6:30 Youth Prep for Trunk or Treat

♡OCT 28- 5:00-7:00pm Trunk or Treat

♡OCT 31- NO Youth for Halloween holiday (activity on Oct 28 instead)

♡NOV 4- 10:00 Sunday school

♡NOV 7- 5:30 meal/ 6:30 Rez19 meeting

♡NOV 10- CCYM meeting in White Pine (I'll be taking vehicle for all CCYM Members)

♡NOV 11- 10:00 Sunday school; Charge Conference at First Farragut 3:00 (Catelee and Beatrice); Festival of Gifts and Talents at Concord UMC to vote on Resurrection performances 7:00pm

♡NOV 14- NO youth (see CCYM and family night)

♡NOV 16- Family Game night 7:00-9:00pm

♡NOV 18- 10:00 Sunday school; Hanging of the Greens; and Thanksgiving Basket Distribution

♡NOV 21- NO youth; Happy Thanksgiving!

♡NOV 25- 10:00 Sunday school

♡NOV 28- 6:30 Youth Christmas Tree party with decorating, fellowship, and snacks

♡DEC 8- OR Parade "Fantasy of Lights"

♡DEC 14- Progressive Dinner

♡DEC 24-JAN 4- Winter Break

♡DEC 26- NO youth; Merry Christmas!

♡JAN 2, 2019- NO youth (your Rez19 paperwork is almost due)

♡JAN 5, 2019- CCYM meeting at White Pine to prepare for Rez19

♡JAN 9, 2019- Rez19 paperwork due to Alisha for food prep and transportation details

♡JAN 25-27- Resurrection 2019 in Pigeon Forge

♡FEB 13- Valentine Fundraiser "Love Under the Stars"

♡MAR 2- CCYM meeting at First UMC (guest speaker from Hope for Justice)

♡MAR 11-22- Spring Break (spring mission TBA)

♡APRIL 7- CCYM TVD Elections at St. Mark UMC in Clinton (time TBD)

♡MAY 12- Mother's Day Rose Fundraiser

♡JUNE 9-12- Annual Conference at Lake Junaluska for Catelee (vice president of TVD to vote as at-large member of TVD) and Beatrice (secretary of TVD to vote as at-large member of TVD)

♡JUNE 16- Desserts for Dad

♡JULY 7-13, 2019- Projected Holston Mission Trip

*Note: Some plans are tentative to change. Follow Facebook, Instagram, Text Remind for details. Thank you for your support with the youth! Alisha