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Sunday Evening Service

The Worship Team is planning a NEW worship service that will be held on Sunday evenings this fall, preceded by coffee & conversation; and followed by a snack supper, fellowship, and activities for all age levels. This service will be unique and unlike anything else in town. Although, one of our goals is to connect youth and young people, everyone is invited to be part of this opportunity to grow our church and get our name out into the community. If you would like to be part of this exciting new endeavor to welcome new friends to Kern, contact Ashley Lockridge (399-2297 or or Marcia Walker (414-7321 or

You may also download the following sign-up sheet to indicate how you would like to be involved.

NEW Sunday pm Worship Service SIGN-UP SHEET

Send your form to or bring it to the church office.

For information on our current services:
Current Worship Services


Sermon available for Sunday, September 7, 2014
Don's message "order - but not too much" is now available. Click on the Subscribe button in the right column to hear these and other sermons from this year. Then click on the Sermon title to access the file. You can also listen on iTunes by clicking on the Kern UMC Sermons link under the pulpit.

Kern UMC Seeks Full time Youth and Family Ministries Director

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